Work Schedule Calendar

A calendar that defines the days and hours that a worker is scheduled to work. In Time Tracking, work schedule calendars affect time entry options, calendar displays, and time calculations.

Workday Studio

An Eclipse-based development environment that enables you to build more complex integrations with Workday.

Workday Web Services

Workday’s public API. Based on open standards, Workday Web Services (WWS) provide the core method for integration with Workday.


Workday is a cloud-based ERP solution that will consolidate the various financial, payroll, and human resources applications from CHESS colleges into one central system.


An employee or a contingent worker.


A compact report displayed as an icon (a tile or a bubble) on any landing page, providing easy access to tasks and information that are used regularly. Examples: My Leadership Roles, Open Positions, and Anniversaries.


An organizational structure within the Mission: All Together 2025 project framework which divides tasks of the project to specific teams (e.g., HCM/HR, Financials, Technical).


A named attribute that you can assign to events and objects to indicate their business purpose. For example, you can create a Customer worktag whose values are the names of your customers. You can use the worktag to assign a…