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Securable Item

An action, report, or data that is part of a security policy. You secure access by defining the security policy to restrict access to an item to specified security groups. Related securable items are grouped into domains.

Security Group

A collection of users or objects that are related to users. Security group access to a securable itemin a security policy grants access to the users associated with the security group.


A grouping of related securable items, such as pay components, that can be secured together using a segment-based security group for that segment.

Simple Report

Displays fields from the primary business object with basic and limited design options, such as filtering and sorting.

Site Map

This icon is located under the Employee Profile icon and allows each person to view available reports and tasks based on their security role.

Spend Category

A logical grouping to search and report on acquired items and services. Also a dimension in account posting rules for procurement and spend that drives accounting behavior.

Staffing Model

A structure that defines how jobs and positions are created and filled in a supervisory organization. Workday supports 2 kinds of staffing models: Job management and Position management.

Staffing Organization

An organization category that includes supervisory organizations, matrix organizations, or retiree organizations.

Standard Report

Reports that Workday creates and delivers to all Workday customers. Workday creates standard reports using Report Writer or XpressO, an internal development tool. You can only copy and modify standard reports created with Report Writer.

Statement of Work (SOW)

A Statement of Work (or SOW) defines the scope, deliverables, timelines, and costs related to a project.

System User

An account associated with and required to launch a Connector or Studio integration. Workday delivered integrations and custom integrations require a system user account for authentication and web service calls. A system user account is not associated with a person…