A role that creates, qualifies, and evaluated applicants for jobs and position for assigned organization.

Reference ID

A unique identifier used to look up data for integration purposes.

Related Business Object

When defining a report, fields that return objects related to the primary business object are said to contain related business objects. These related objects may have their own set of fields that can be included in the report.


Occur twice per year and contain a significant number of new features and functionality that may require configuration.

Report Data Sources

Predefined groups of logically related fields, used when creating reports with Report Writer, which define the data in the report row. For example, the Employees report data source contains contact information, personal data, and identification information. Report data sources also…

Report Writer

Developed using the Report Writer Tool, they can be copied, and then the copy can be edited. They can be used on both custom and Workday-delivered dashboards.

Reported Time

A worker's time that has been entered, but has not had any time calculations applied.

Rescind (business process)

On completed business processes, reverses all changes made to Workday data. A securable action in a business process security policy.

Revenue Category

An attribute in customer contracts and billing used to search for and report on goods and services you sell. Also a dimension in account posting rule types for customer contracts, billing, and accounts receivable that drives accounting behavior.

Role-Based Security Group

A security group that specifies one organization role and includes workers in positions defined for that organization role.


Groupings of specific responsibilities within an organization that are assigned to positions. A role is assigned to a security group to gain access to data associated with the role's responsibilities.

Run Category

Specifies which employees to process, and which pay components to calculate for each type of payroll run.