Passive Event

Events that result from the passage of time rather than from a specific change to employee data.

Pay Component Group

A collection or combination of related earnings, deductions, or pay component related calculations combined to simplify payroll calculations.

Pay Component Related Calculation (PCRC)

A related calculation that resolves automatically with earnings and deductions. Often used in the earning or deduction definition, can be used to display on pay results.

Pay Run Group

A set of pay groups that share a period schedule. Used to process multiple pay groups at the same time.

Payroll Effect

An option available in Workday Absence Management to stop paying workers while on leave. You can configure a run category to pay workers on certain leave types when the Payroll Effect option is enabled for the leave type.


A collection of applications, tools, and integrations.

Position Restrictions

The attributes and conditions that apply to an unfilled position in a supervisory organization that uses the position management staffing model. Example: Job profile, location, qualifications, and worker type.


In Staffing, an individual you're tracking before employment. In Recruiting, a candidate who is in the Offer, Employment Agreement, Background Check, or Ready for Hire stage.

Predefined Security Group

Security groups whose members are assigned through a business process. These groups cannot be changed except by reversing the business process or executing a new business process, such as applying for a position, or being hired. Examples include: Employee, Contingent…

Primary Business Object

When defining a report, the primary business object is the business object returned by the datasource.

Prism Analytics

Workday Prism Analytics blends Workday data with information from external sources, including legacy systems.

Project Asset

A container that captures separate, ongoing costs of a capital project in progress. You can associate multiple projects assets with a project to track costs over the life of a project.


Someone you are interested in tracking who isn't associated with a specific job. You can use tags, prospect types, and prospect statuses to help track these individuals.