A specific inbox in Workday which contains assigned and completed tasks.

Individual Target

An individual bonus or merit target for a worker during a compensation review process that overrides the target defined on the compensation plan.

Integration Attribute

An integration component that specifies the tenanted value of a data element in Workday. Example: Plan Sponsor Name is a type of attribute in benefit provider integrations.

Integration Data Source

Indicates the type of data that Workday receives from or exports to an external system and its location.

Integration Event

The record of an integration process. Every integration—current or past, involving the import or export of data, successful or not—gets recorded as an integration event. The integration event contains all the information about the integration process, including its status.

Integration Map

An integration component that specifies how values in Workday map to values in an external system. Example: Pay Rate Frequency is a type of map in third-party payroll integrations.

Integration Service

A group of related integration attributes, maps, and XSLT that provides a framework to transform Workday data into the format required by an external system.

Integration System

A tenanted definition of an integration between Workday and an external system based on a template that provides the methodology for communicating data.

Integration Template

A collection of integration services that enables communication between Workday and an external system. Workday provides integration templates in categories such as Benefits, Financials, HCM, Payroll, Payroll Interface, Procurement, Recruiting, Security, and Settlement. Many of the delivered templates contain default…

Integration Transformation

Converts data into a format that Workday or a receiving external system can understand. Workday provides some delivered transformations, and you can also create custom transformations.

Integration Transport Protocol

Controls how Workday exports data to an external endpoint or service or imports the data from an external endpoint or service. Workday supports several types of transport protocols, including email, FTP and SFTP, HTTP/SSL, Workday attachments, and Workday Web Services.


Software integrations allow customers to move data between systems through an automated process.

Intersection Security Group

A security group whose members are other security groups. Members associated with all included security groups are granted access through an intersection security group.