An ecosystem is a network or interconnected system.

Enrollment Event Rule

A rule that defines coverage start and end dates, waiting periods, coverage increase limits, Evidence of Insurability requirements, and other coverage rules and conditions. Rules ensure that the benefits process presents only the options that each employee is eligible for…


A synonym for business, company, or corporation. It also includes organizations and establishments such as universities, hospitals, or government agencies. Enterprise refers to any entity that makes products or delivers services and needs to manage its human and financial resources.

Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB)

An integration tool that enables you to create simple, secure, and customizable integrations with Workday. Alternately, an EIB is a simple integration created by the integration tool. An EIB consists of an integration system, an integration data source, an integration…

Estimate at Completion (EAC)

Includes all the hours logged and approved for the project, as well as the future hours the worker expects to complete.


A business process transaction that occurs within your organization, such as hiring or terminatingan employee.