Dashboard (landing pages)

A specialized landing page containing a set of pre-configured worklets for a functional area that you can copy or modify. You can add additional custom worklets to dashboards using the reportwriter.

Data Source

A data source defines a set of business object instances for reporting purposes. Allows reporting access to all business objects related to those in the data source.

Day Breaker

The time of day on which a worker's work day and work week begins. Defines the 24-hour period over which daily time calculations execute and the 168-hour period over which weekly time calculations execute. Unless otherwise specified, the default day…

Deny (business process)

When you deny a business process, the business process is terminated and all Workday data is restored to its state before the business process started. To restart the business process, you need to submit the process again and redo all…


When an enterprise deploys software, this means that the software is available for their employees to use to perform work.


Status of candidates that have been rejected for hire or declined a job during the job application event.


A collection of related securable items such as actions, reports, report data, report data sources,or custom report fields. Each domain is secured by a domain security policy.

Domain Security Policy

A collection of related securable elements of different types and user-specified security groups that have access to elements of each type.