Base Pay Element

The compensation components that are included in the calculation of base pay for the purposes of determining the compa-ratio and target penetration. Example: Include both base pay and bonuses in the base pay calculation for compa-ratio.

Basis Limit

The maximum amount of direct costs you can use to calculate facilities and administration costs.

Benefit Defaulting Rule

A rule that identifies the benefit plans, coverage targets, and coverage amounts that employees receive by default when they do not complete an enrollment event.

Benefit Event Rules

These rules specify coverage increase limits, EOI requirements, waiting periods, and other rules and conditions of enrollment for benefits enrollment events.

Benefit Event Type

Identifies the events that trigger benefit enrollment, such as open enrollment, new hires, or the birth of a child. It also identifies the coverage types to make available to employees for when an event of this type occurs.

Business Object

Objects used to store data in Workday (such as organizations or workers). A business object has fields and instances, which are analogous to rows and columns in a spreadsheet. Workday links related business objects: a worker is associated with a…

Business Process Definition

A collection of related, structured activities or tasks by people or equipment in which a specific sequence produces a service or product for a particular customer or customers.

Business Process Instance

A business process that the initiator has started. The Hire Employee for Organization X business process definition becomes an instance when the initiator uses it to hire an employee.

Business Process Security Policy

A business process security policy secures the steps and process-wide actions including view, rescind, cancel and correct. It specifies which security groups have access to each action.