The Workday term for the process of tacking and managing employee absences.  This can include absences for vacation, sick, etc.

Academic Unit

A Workday organization type that represents a school, college, university, or other unit of your institution. These units can recruit prospective students, admit students, offer programs of study or courses, or administer financial aid. Academic units are also used with…

Active Candidate

A person with an application for a specific job requisition. Candidates must be linked to a job requisition for Workday to initiate a job application event.

Advanced Report

Displays fields from the primary business object and related business objects with advanced design options, including: filtering, subfiltering, prompting, sharing, advanced report results can display on charts and worklets and with multiple headings and subtotals.  Advanced reports can be enabled…

Aggregation Security Group

A security group whose members are other security groups. Grants access to workers associated with any included security group.


Alignment lays the foundation for true shared services, part of the CHESS Mission and Vision. Colleges support one another. When there are staffing issues at one college, another college can step in. Of further importance, every time there are Workday…


An action in a business process that designated participants select to progress the event to the next step.


A time entry option that copies time blocks from a worker's schedule or from a previous week when entering time.


A contract agreement with your sponsor in the form of funding to perform an activity for a public purpose. It defines how to capture direct and facilities and administration costs, recognize revenue, and bill your sponsor.

Award Cost Processing

Processing facilities and administration costs and revenue recognition related to spend transactions on awards.

Award Credits

Percentage of award or award lines you allocate to specific worktags for reporting purposes.